Streamlight UV 3C Twin Task Torch

Streamlight Twin-Task

Blagovna znamka: SelectaDNA


SKU: 12019

€ 65.00 (brez DDV) € 79.30 (z DDV)

Includes an ultra-bright xenon bulb plus six ultraviolet LEDs for UV detection of SelectaDNA, fradulent documents, and forensic investigations.

  • Powered by 3 "C" alkaline batteries
  • A high-pressure xenon bulb; plus 6 ultraviolet 100,000-hour life LEDs
  • 57 lumens typical with xenon bulb
  • Available in Black (with three 365 and three 390 nanometer UV LEDs – ideal for Police use)
  • Up to 5 hrs. run time (xenon); up to 160 hrs. (3 LEDs); up to 100 hrs. (6 LEDs)1.68" (D) x 9.02" (L)1 lb.
  • Accessory holster available

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